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NYC Department of Building Licensed & Insured!

(866) 920-7019

NYC Department of Building Licensed & Insured!

(866) 920-7019

Products and Services

Product & Service
  • All Shapes and Sizes of Awnings & Canopies
  • Sidewalk Canopies for Apartment Buildings
  • Fabric Awnings
  • Dome/Door Awnings
  • Aluminum/Fiberglass Lexan Awnings
  • Sunbrella Awning fabric
  • Painted Lettering on Awnings
  • Specialize In Canvas Awnings/Sidewalk Canopies


Who is Citywide Awning Company?

  • Open for Business 12 Months of the Year
  • Providing Residential and Commercial Awning Products
  • Located in New York City
  • Serving all of New York City, Metropolitan New York County NY.
  • 18 Plus Years of Sales, Service and Installation from New York City, NY-Licensed & Insured
    Dedicated to Providing the Highest Quality of Products and Services to our clients
  • Full Line of Awnings and Canopies to Provide Different Solutions for Different Needs
  • Experienced in Working with contractors, management, non-profit organzation, Franchisers and etc.


  • Recover Existing Structure
  • Sidewalk Canopies
  • Stationary Fabric Awnings
  • Patio/Deck Awnings
  • Dome/Round Awnings
  • Sunbrella Fabric Awnings
  • Aluminum Awnings
  • Fiberglass/Lexan Awning


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    6746 80th St
    Middle Village, NY 11379